European Removals

We deal with European Removals in exactly the same way that we would deal with a UK removal. We offer a door to door service and we assume complete responsibility of your move from packing to delivery at your new home.

Prior to removal NKA Removals will

  • Provide a free quotation for your removal
  • Provide support and assistance scheduling your removal

On the day of removal NKA Removals will

  • Wrap and pack your household effects
  • Transport your effects to your new residence
  • Unload your effects

If you are moving to the town, rather than the country, please make us aware of any potential access problems at the new residence (i.e. narrow streets, parking restrictions, apartment block floor level).

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Removals in Hannover Germany

Hannover, Germany

Removals in Saint Sebastien

Saint Sebastien, French/Spanish border

Removals in Munich Germany

Munich, Germany

Removals in Switzerland


Removals in Margon France

Margon, France

Removals in Margon France

Margon, France

Removals in Margon France

Munich, Germany

Removals in Munich Germany

Munich, Germany

Removals in La-Rochelle France

La-Rochelle, France

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