Questions to Ask a Worldwide Removals Company

When considering an international move, it is important that you find a removals company you can trust.

A regular house move demands a lot of time, however, when crossing oceans and borders, the importance of all aspects of your going to plan and avoiding a chaotic experience will be much more significant.

In saying that, it is vital to know what questions to ask, as the reliable service from a professional overseas mover can be the difference between a smooth, straightforward moving process and a difficult one.

Pre-move survey

Should there a survey before receiving a binding quote?

This is something that most worldwide moving companies will provide so to discover your requirements and what they will need to move. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask some questions.

Are there any customer forms I need to fill in?

Enquire about the documentation required when moving to another country and if they can offer you with any assistance with the forms.

Is there anything I will need to do prior to the date of my move?

Find out what tasks you will need to do, and when they will need to be completed.


Are there any items I shouldn’t pack into my container?

The reasons may include them not travelling well, or because they are forbidden from entering your destination country.

How much notice will I need to give to book my packing date?

Find out how far in advance you should inform your removal company of your required packing service. You should also enquire about whether they take precautions with fragile items and if there is anything you could/should pack yourself.


Are there any times of the year I should try to avoid my removals?

You will want to avoid roads that may be congested in your destination country because of any festivals that may be taking place. Ask about any national holidays you should know about as this could affect the clearance times.

Can I get an estimate of the amount of time my goods will be travelling?

There is no guarantee in receiving an exact date, but an estimated time frame should be available.

Will I need to be present in the destination country prior to my goods arriving?

Terms and conditions

What is your cancellation policy?

Ensure that you know the company’s terms and conditions as soon as you can so that you are aware of the terms of the contract with the company.

Will there be any additional fees that aren’t including in my quotation?

Find out what your quote includes and if there are any other payments that will need to be settled.

Do you require a deposit?

This is something that should be covered during the pre-move survey.