Tips for Moving House in the Rain

It’s typical of British weather to rain on the days we desperately wish it not to!

If you are moving house anytime this January, you might be expecting some rain in light of the recent weather warnings.

NKA Removals have put together a list of tips for when you are moving in wet conditions!

Look out for weather reports

During the run up to moving day, it is worth keeping track of the weather so you aren’t surprised. In a worst case scenario, you may have to call your moving company and reschedule a moving day – this will allow you plenty of time to notify them in advance.

Any flooding?

On the day of your move, check that the roads haven’t been flooded or aren’t icy if the conditions have been especially cold. This may prevent the removals company from reaching you.

Protect your furniture

You won’t want your furniture getting any water damage so ensure that you wrap them up in plastic wrap. Remember that your mattress will need to be wrapped in plastic regardless of the weather as you’ll want to keep it as clean as possible.

Pack boxes well

Cardboard boxes will get ruined in the rain so you may want to better pack your belongings. Ensure you use string and sturdy boxes.