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Things to consider when moving house

What should be included when you’re moving house?

What questions should I ask a removal company?

Use your common sense: Vehicles that are in great condition, being company branded whilst being driven by a smartly dressed, competent estimator who reassures you and eases your worries are all good signs to have. Having an expert to talk to who is open about their reputation and references are all great things to have in a removal company. You wouldn’t hire a shifty looking individual to work on your gas boiler, so don’t skimp on the removal company who’s going to be driving off with your house hold possessions and valuables.

How much should I pay?

If you only have a few rooms of items to move, you actually may be considering hiring a van for as little as £200 or using a small ‘man and van’ type firm and applying some elbow grease to save those extra pounds. Small removals firms may be happy for a ‘cash no questions asked’ sort of deal, but it’s worth considering that all of your possessions still hold the possibility of being lost or damaged.

Once you actually add up the value of everything in your house, it may surprise you how much your possessions could be worth combined – most contents insurance policies use figures around £30,000 – £50,000.

Moving house should be as care free as possible

Moving house should be as care free as possible

How much do removal companies charge?

There’s a lot to consider when thinking why a good removal company will ask to visit your property to ensure their price is accurate. Prices can range depending on how big your property is, so expect prices roughly from around £500 for a small 2 bed house and up to a sizeable several thousand for large houses and complicated long distance moves that will cover a considerable few miles.

When evaluating what removal companies to use, beware of buying on price alone. The lower you pay does not necessarily mean that you will achieve the best level of value for money. What matters most is a successful result.

What days of the week should I avoid moving home?

Understandably, many movers will try to move over the weekend in order to minimise your time off work. This also means it’s a premium time for moving prices to increase with the growing demand. If you can move in the mid-week then you’ll get more time and keener prices.

How can I properly prepare for the move?

If you have a floor plan available, make a key for the rooms that will indicate what goes where. Removers often provide stickers or colour coding to help with this, so take advantage and be sure to get an idea of what’s going to go where in order to prepare for the move.

If you’ve opted for the removal team to pack for you, help them out by getting organised before they arrive – the faster your team can pack up, the quicker you can be on the way.

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