Office Relocation Checklist

Relocating offices can be stressful enough without the added worry of potentially forgetting something.

Some businesses will pack as they go along, and when they need to unpack, they’ll find that there are some items missing.

NKA Removals have provided you witha  checklist that can be revised whenever needed:

Hiring help

Relocating offices can be a tiring process, especially when left alone to tackle the job. Hiring a professional removals service is a brilliant idea in the long run.

Purchase supplies

Remember to purchase all of you moving boxes and labels in advance of your moving day so you have everything prepared for the day. Ensure you label all of your boxes once they are filled as this will make the unpacking process easier.

Call utility companies

Your next move is to pay your new utilities at your new location and have them ready for use upon arrival. Call up the internet, phone, water and other electric companies to set everything for you. This is a good time to get your phone system set up before you arrive.

Update company informtion

Once you have arrived at your new office location and have your new address, and contact numbers, you’ll need to provide this information to companies and vendors your partner with. It is also recommended that you have your business cards reprinted to display your new contact information prior to moving.

Update your website

If you haven’t done so already, you will need to update your contact information on your website. An ideal time to update your website content is on the day of the move or a week prior, and also sending out posts and updates to notify your clients and prospects about your move.