How To: Declutter Whilst Packing for the Move

When you are preparing to move homes, there may be an urge to move all of the contents in your household.

However, you must bear in mind that the more the take with you, the more time you will spend packing and unpacking your belongings, plus, in a majority of cases you won’t need a lot of the things you are packing when you arrive at your new home. It is beneficial to factor in time to go through each of the rooms in your house and run through what you do and don’t need.

Begin with the cupboards and then move onto your cellar and your attic, if you have either. Remember that any unwanted or unused items can be sold online and the remaining items can be given to charity. If you have a lot to give to charity, the company will often send a van to come to collect your belongings.

If you are the owner of many mobile phones, all old and discarded compared to the one you are using, you could throw them away but it is better to do you research and sell to companies who will take them off you and recycle them. You’ll earn some extra cash too!

Any other electrical items that you might want to get rid of can, and should be recycled. To know how to do this properly, get in contact with a specialist recycling centre.

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