5 benefits of hiring a removal company

How should you choose the right removal company

On many occasions before, we have said that packing is a time-consuming task for even the best multitasker. 

This can be especially trying when left to do the last minute and without any professional help from a removals company.

There are five reasons we believe hiring a professional removals company is the best option when moving house.

No stress

It is completely understandable that people will prioritise their work and children, and on top of both of these aspects of a person’s life needing a lot of focus, organising a move will be even more stressful.

Juggling between these commitments at the last minute without any help from a professional will only make the move more difficult.

Professional help

Professional removal companies are trained to efficiently pack and move your belongings, thus saving you time and effort of having to do it for yourself.

Any fragile items will easily be damaged if not handled properly and require special packaging to ensure it arrives int he same condition it was received in.

The right equipment

By this, we mean vehicles. At NKA Removals, our vehicles are each suited to transport a variety of items. A common mistake people make is overestimating the size of their vehicle, then have to make more trips than they need to.

Proper insurance

Many insurance companies won’t cover any damage sustained to your belongings if you have moved without any professional help. However, there are removal companies who offer packaging services, as insurance policies may not validate the damage unless the items are packaged professionally.



Most movers will overlook how heavy their furniture is, and attempt to lift them which could cause an injury. Removal companies are trained in heavy lifting and therefore minimise the risks.