4 Things to Know before Hiring a Removals Company

Hiring a removals company is essential for when you are planning a move, they offer many benefits!

However, before you decide on hiring a removals company, there are things that you should know prior to making the decision.

What do you need?

Don’t spend any money unnecessarily to move things that you do not need. Prior to your move it is worth sorting through your belongings and decide which of your unwanted/unused items you want to sell, give to charity or throw away.


Cost is the primary factor in which removals company to hire. Look around and obtain quotes and estimates from a number of companies before making your decision.

Does the company have insurance?

You can ask questions about a company’s insurance – if there is a possibility that your belongings could be lost or damaged, you will wan to know that you will be compensated accordingly.


Are there packing services?

NKA Removals do offer a packaging service. For some, this factor can be incredibly important depending on the fragility of a customer’s belongings etc.