Top Tips when Moving Abroad

Top Tips when looking to Move Abroad

Currently experiencing the sub zero temperatures at the start of 2014? Has it ever prompted you to think about moving abroad? Of course for the large majority of people in the UK their decision to move abroad is primarily down to the weather and  a desire for the blasting sun and warmer climate. But down to the main question, where do you start when trying to ascertain where to move to?
1) The Blazing Weather
If it’s lazy days on the beach you’re after, then Spain is your go-to destination. With just under 500 beaches to choose from, Spain also has the warmest climates.

The safest choice for the least amount of rainfall is the Greek Island of Crete, where showers are non-existent in the summer but of course for sunnier conditions, the capital of the Algarve, Faro, enjoys the most amount of sunshine in Europe at 3,170 hours per year.

2) The Right Location 
If it’s mainly a British community you seek abroad then you will want to head to the most popular destination for expats, which is unsurprisingly, Australia. Other British people head off to Spain, USA and New Zealand.

3) The Pure Quality of life 
All of these countries feature in the top places to live for the best quality of life, with Melbourne, Australia on top with an overall score of 97.5 out of 100.

This is according to the Economist Intelligence Unit global “liveability” study, which looks at how tolerable it is to live in a particular place given its crime levels, threat of conflict, quality of medical care, levels of censorship, temperature, schools and transport links.

There are many other various websites that can help you make the decision to move abroad from the most popular places to what makes financial sense for you. If you need help with packing materials or how to organise your home move then NKA Removals will be your safest, cheapest and best bet!