Household Removals and Packaging
Household Removals
UK Removals

UK Removals

Find out everything you need to know about your move, including surveys, preparation, packing and storage.


Our best advice is that you pay a little extra and have NKA Removals pack for you professionally.
European Removals

European Removals

We offer a door to door service and we assume complete responsibility of your move from packing to delivery at your new home.
Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We ship to hundreds of countries around the world, and can advise on laws and requirements for moving, visa and currency exchange.


Whether you need to store the entire contents of your home or just a few specific items, for short periods or long term, we have the storage solution to suit you.


The NKA Removals moving tool has been carefully designed for you to quickly and easily submit an inventory of items from the various areas of your home to one of our advisors who can provide you with an accurate quote within 24* hours!

Removals across the home counties

NKA Removals has branches up and down the UK, across the home counties including Reading, Ascot, Thame, Slough, Newbury, Reading and many other locations listed below.

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5 benefits of hiring a removal company

On many occasions before, we have said that packing is a time-consuming task for even the best multitasker.¬† This can be especially trying when left to do the last minute and without any professional help from a removals company. There are five¬†reasons we believe hiring a professional removals company is the best option when moving […]

Moving House FAQs

Below, NKA Removals have put together a list of common questions that are asked regarding removals. Is there a reason I should avoid moving on a Friday? Although a weekend move will sound appealing and may be the best option timewise, as most people may not be busy on weekends, it is one fo the […]

Questions to Ask a Worldwide Removals Company

When considering an international move, it is important that you find a removals company you can trust. A regular house move demands a lot of time, however, when crossing oceans and borders, the importance of all aspects of your going to plan and avoiding a chaotic experience will be much more significant. In saying that, […]

Office Relocation Checklist

Relocating offices can be stressful enough without the added worry of potentially forgetting something. Some businesses will pack as they go along, and when they need to unpack, they’ll find that there are some items missing.

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